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Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry is the first technical college in Japan approved as educational corporation in the field of jewelry. Since then, by establishing watch, shoes and bag departments,it has continued its journey as a college of nurturing “manufacturing” techniques and creative design techniques focused on each of these fields.
Based on the following three education principles, we strive to nurture human talent that can support various arts of creation.
“By practical functional education, we nurture human resources who can start contributing to industry immediately after start joining professionally.”
“Not only functional education, students will learn the fun and depth of creating new items.
“Nurture the capabilities of understanding things in wider perspective through international activities”,

Salient Features of Learning

Excellent facilities only available at a school focused on the specific field

Our college is fully equipped with the specialized facilities such as gem polishing room, casting room and sewing room, required for design to production of each item. All of these facilities are same or above of industry standard level. Each student has an individual computer and a sewing machine, providing them an efficient work environment. Students can also sell their creations through the direct jewelry store operated by the college. It is also used as a stepping-stone to becoming independent after graduation.

Wide network

Since its establishment in 1966, we have produced more than 7,000 graduates in the industry. Over 300 international students have graduated so far. Today they are in leading positions in various industries such as an owner of a popular jewelry brand, a designer of a large sneakers manufacturers, and a professional repair expert with a luxury watch brand. Moreover, they are highly recognized in overseas also, and every year several creators visit the school. The school actively engages in change and tie-up with schools across the world, joint organization of events, and classes in collaboration with famous Japanese and global companies.

Individual support

Attention to making things differ from person to person. Therefore, classes are conducted in a small group of 20 students per class to support every student in realizing the imagination he or she would like to express. Moreover, in addition to lecturers for each subject, instructors in charge of the class fully follow the life outside the classroom. In addition, various dedicated staff members provide detailed support for school like matters such as career after graduation, tuition fees, and scholarship.

Advantages of an Approved Technical College

“Diploma” and “Advanced Diploma”

Students who graduate from the courses that meet certain conditions set by an approved technical college are conferred the titles of “Diploma” and “Advanced Diploma” by the Minister of Education. “Advanced Diploma” is equivalent to “Bachelor”, a person who has graduated from a university, and “Diploma” is equivalent to “Associate”, a person who has graduated from a junior college. Colleges that have not been approved by the government can not confer these titles.

You can buy Student Commuter Pass

Although the students of approved technical colleges are allowed to buy “Student Commuter Pass”, this facility is not available for unapproved colleges. Since transportation cost can be much beyond your expectation, this is a huge advantage.

The use of public scholarship

Another privilege of an approval college is the use of public scholarship provided by the Japan Student Services Organization etc. Low interest scholarships are certainly very attractive for someone who is paying for one’s own tuition charges.