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We support your life in Japan

We offer counseling regarding residence and living status in Japan. We offer the required support so that you can dedicate yourself to concentrate learning at the school.

Obtaining Student Visa

You can obtain “Student Visa” for a maximum period of 2 years and 3 months. International Student Center provides counseling regarding application method and other procedures.

Appropriate school

Tokyo Campus has been selected by Tokyo Immigration Bureau as “Approved educational institution that properly manages the enrollment of international students”. Because of this, documents to be submitted when renewing the visa have drastically become simpler.

Job placement support

We have a dedicated staff for providing appropriate support to international students for job placement in Japan. We receive several job openings through our regular interaction with companies looking for hiring international students. Moreover, we have a robust job placement support system such as arranging company presentations on campus and informal gathering with international alumni for each country.