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Shibuya/Harajuku/Omotesando: Hiko’s campus located in the place of origin of the latest fashion and culture. Facilities required for various courses are divided across four school buildings.
In addition to the production studio used mainly by the students of jewelry course, 1st and 2nd school buildings house the facilities that support students’ life such as career counseling department and accounting window. Moreover, first floor of the 2nd school building that faces the Cat Street of Harajuku having several popular shops is a home of Hiko's original jewelry shop “corazón+corazón”.

The 4th school building, located at 2 minutes walk from the 1st school building is the largest campus of Hiko. It houses various specialized facilities such as machine room, casting and polishing room, sourcing, library etc, required for jewelry, shoes and bag courses.

Near Yoyogi park, the 3rd school building located in a quiet and green surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, is dedicated for watch-maker course. From B1-4th floor, in addition to watch laboratory equipped with equipments and tools of Swiss standard, metal work room, library and materials are available. Moreover, several famous stores selling renowned luxury watch brands are located within walking distance.

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Full range of facilities and equipments only found at a college focused on producing things. Best environment for becoming a creator is available here.

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