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In this course, you can select everything from class day and time, frequency, etc. at your own pace. You are also free to select the assignments. This course allows you to learn the techniques or products of your choice, and items that you would like to learn such as high grade jewelry, silver accessory and smithing. Objectives can be very different starting from someone doing as a hobby to someone aiming to become a professional. Another salient feature is the age of students, which range from teenagers to students in 70s.


  • You can take the classes in English (during specific time)
  • You can attend the school while studying at other university or professional training college
  • You can learn at your own pace since you are allowed to take substitute classes

* You can not obtain Student Visa. Foreigners who have already obtained residence status can join the program

Class Schedule

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
AM 10:30~13:00 10:00~12:30
PM 14:00~16:30 (A)13:10~15:40
Evening 18:30~21:00

* You can freely combine from the aforementioned total 18 classes


Items finished in one round

☆Gold coloring ☆Ring with stone ☆Leaf pierce
☆Initial pendant

Full-blown jewelry production items (indicative)

☆ Engraved ring ☆Necklace using gems ☆Charm bracelet 
☆Lost WAX ring ☆One stone ring ☆Side melee ring 
☆Emerald cut ring ☆Melee pendant ☆Entourage ring 
☆Locket pendant ☆Silver metal buckle 
☆Pin made use traditional techniques