Percentage of Overseas Students Employment in JAPAN


The employment rate among international Hiko graduates interested in working in Japan is 98.5% (the average value for the last 5 years). Our Employment Support Office staff members help them with job search in Japan by carefully instructing them how to create their CVs and conducting mock job interviews, among other activities.

Career Placement Office

Similar to Japanese students, we offer career counseling service for overseas students as well. We care for every single international student through provision of information by dedicated career counseling staff, private counseling etc.

Main Career Related Events

○ Placement guidance (November, March, May)
○ Seminar for applying employment visa (March)
○ Guidance for studying abroad
○ Seminars on industry situation in your home country

Data of Companies / Enterprises

There are corporate data of approximately 1,500 companies available at the Employment Support Office. HATARAKU is a website that allows you to check the newest employment information in the comfort of your own home.

Graduates Working

  • My most memorable class was the "product marketing" class. My concept proposal was "jewelry for adult couples." This turned out to be similar to SJX's concept. What I learned at Hiko regarding jewelry, metals, and precious stones along with fabrication techniques, all of which are essential knowledge for sales & marketing, has helped smooth my transition into the workplace. My current job is providing me a lot of opportunity to learn. I get a chance to see customers' reactions directly, and at the moment I want to master sales. After I have accomplished that, I would like to be able to propose new products. In the future, I would like to work with jewelry in Shanghai. I want the young people of Shanghai to take a greater interest in fashion and I would like to be in a position to help create such an environment.

    LIU Zichao China China / Jewelry Department graduated

    Company profiles Star Jewelry, Inc. Jewelry brand started in 1946 in Yokohama. In 2006, SJX opened a full-fledged specialty men’s jewelry in Omotesando. Launched ‘SJX KINGS & QUEENS’ as a spin-off brand in the following year.

  • I am in charge of creating our house brands. We handle many items here including both sample and mass-produced goods. My first year with the company involved a series of production processes including hand polishing, casting and finishing. I was the only foreign employee at the company, but everyone was very generous to me. Currently, I am also in charge of communications with our factory in Vietnam. Some of my tasks involve translating and interpreting. I went to our factory in Hanoi for about a week. I worked as a jeweler in Vietnam before coming to Japan to study. At the time, I just fulfilled the tasks assigned to me and never really gave much thought to my work. After I graduated from Hiko and got a job in the Japanese jewelry industry, I no longer just fulfilled the tasks assigned to me. I also began thinking about the relationship of my tasks to the next step and how my work affects the finished product. My dream now is to work hard while I am in Japan and establish a jewelry school like Hiko in Vietnam someday.

    HOANG NHAT QUANG Vietnam Vietnam / Jewelry Department graduated

    Company profiles THINK Co., Ltd. Making the most of outstanding traditional Japanese art, the company creates world-class jewelry. The company has a factory in Vietnam and its business is expanding globally.

  • I make orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes are for individuals that have foot problems such as deformed feet due to brain damage. Of course, every one of our customers has different conditions, so all of our shoes are made-to-order. Because every shoe will have to go through different processes, all of us that came to this company from Hiko discussed and experimented late into night looking for ways to work more efficiently. It was tough, but these experiences the time made me what I am today. The knowledge I gained at Hiko, particularly about the basics of patterns, is very helpful today. Besides the basics, in different aspects of my work, I am utilizing the answers to the many questions I asked the teachers at Hiko like, "What about these shoes?" ""What about this case?" and "Isn't there a better way?" I will make use of the knowledge I acquired at Hiko and the experience I gained here from completing my work to continue creating shoes that will satisfy my customers.

    KO Min Cheol Korea Korea / Shoe & Bag Department graduated

    Company profiles Kowagishi Labolatory Co., Ltd. The company provides total support for improving the quality of life for senior citizens and people with disabilities through research and development and producing prosthetic deviceds (artificial legs and artificial arms), wheelchairs, and other nursing care equipment.

  • When I was a student, I wanted to start my own company, and I began preparing for this in the winter of my third year in the program. I obtained a Business Manager Visa at the same time that graduated. It has been five years. I used the savings from the time I was working in Shanghai for funding. There are two major operations: the production and sale of original bags and internet sales of second-hand brand bags in the Chinese market. Second-hand brand bag sales in Chinese account for 70% of our operation. Our goal is to increase the production and sale of original bags to 70%, and we are trying to raise funds for this from the sale of second-hand brand bags. There are many companies in the internet sales business and competition is severe. Our strength is the knowledge and technology regarding bag making gained at Hiko. We have opportunities to talk directly with customers and our explanation backed by the knowledge acquired at Hiko is convincing, which enables us to gain their trust. We plan to put more effort into the sale of original bags from this year and to boost promotion of the company using social media!

    ZHANG Yifei China China / Shoe & Bag Department graduated

    Company profiles PATCHWORK Co., Ltd. Established 2017. Sale of original bags and second-hand brand bags.